Half-baked or True Business Concepts

by Chris Wendel

Over the years, I’ve heard all kind of business concepts. Some never made it past the scribbled napkin stage, while others had little promise. The point is frankly, no one knows at first glance if a business concept is worth its salt until its market and financial feasibility is determined.

With this in mind, we are presenting a new segment in our weekly radio show “Small Business Focus”. This new feature is called “half-baked or true business concept”, featuring a business model that is an actual functioning business –or- one that is totally fabricated. We’ve tried this twice with interesting reactions from our audience.

The first “half-baked or true business concept” was called Mobile Dolphin Tank. It was actually an idea borrowed from Kevin Wildes, a recent guest on a www.grantland.com pod cast with Bill Simmons. The concept involves an 18 wheel truck that travels from town to town with tanks of dolphins. Like a circus the Mobile Dolphin Tank sets up shop for a few days and children are able to fulfill their life-long dream of cuddling and kissing a live dolphin, similar to an expensive SeaWorld experience.

The second week’s “half-baked or true business concept” was a combination laundry mat and adult entertainment center called Dirty Laundry. The idea was that one could wash their clothes, drink a beer or two, and well…you get the idea.

 Vic McCarty, the co- host for the “Small Business Focus” guessed correctly when he believed that both concepts were made up. Join us this week from 10:30 – 11 am on WMKT 1270 AM to hear the latest “half-baked or true business concept”.

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