Taking a Break Essential for Seasonal Business Owners

We’ll discuss this along with our guest Joe Frost from Robert Frost Footwear, from 10:30-11:30 am on Small Business Focus, WMKT 1270 AM (The Vic McCarty Show).

by Chris Wendel

It’s crunch time for local retailers, restaurants, and service providers in northern Michigan. The time that many small businesses rely on to make their living for the rest of the year.

I spoke with a local coffee shop owner recently, who mentioned the crazy questions she gets from customers, tourists, or passersby. In this day and age of GPS, MapQuest, and Google Maps, the perspective of many travelers fail to know much past the few blocks that show up on a phone sized map. This makes the inquiries and demands more than interesting for the store owner and maxes out the patience threshold for the person behind the counter.

Being in retail in northern Michigan for over 15 years, I remember well the 13 hour days and seven days a week work schedule and the challenges it placed on me both mentally and physically. My family and employees begged me to take more breaks during this hectic span, and after time I realized that remaining in the store all of the time had diminishing returns.

Too many business owners get stuck working in the business rather than on the business. The truly adept business owner hires good people to back them up and delegates to them with a trusting attitude when the possibility of burnout starts to rear its ugly head. Taking a break empowers your employees and helps you to think of ways of generating new business, long past the dog days of summer.



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