“3/50 project” offers new spin on buying local

Touted as an “independent business lovefest”, a new online movement the 3/50 Project has gained momentum and reminds us again of the benefits of buying local.

The 3/50 project began with a post on retail consultant Cinda Baxter’s blog at AlwaysUpward.com. “Five days later, she threw together a flyer. A couple of weeks later, a website. Once the site went live, things got interesting—in the first week alone, more than 7,600 “absolute unique visitors” found their way to our online home (8,600+ if you count repeat visits).”

It’s worth taking a look at some of the easy steps to “…save businesses we don’t want to lose”. The idea is to support three bricks and mortar businesses in our local towns and make a conscious effort to spend $50 a month in local businesses.

We’ve seen this message here previously in the Grand Traverse Region with the “Taste the Local Difference” program to promote local produce and food products. The 3/50 project does a great job with making the message simple enough to understand and explaining the positive impact on the community of purchases made from independent businesses.

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