Who has Michigan’s best ice cream?

We’re doing some informal research for a food related client and could use your help.

Not gelato. Not frozen custard. Not in your grocer’s freezer. We’re looking for your favorite home-made ice cream location in Michigan.

Moomer’s here in Traverse City is the classic example but we’re looking for suggestions from all corners of  the state. Any help is appreciated and who knows, maybe a field trip will be in order. While you are at it, name your favorite flavor at that location as well.

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6 Responses to Who has Michigan’s best ice cream?

  1. Check out the freeze they have the best icrcream! They make it using liquidnitrogen

    They are located at 415 cass st , right downtown by the playhouse

  2. cwendel says:

    Do they make their own or are they selling ice cream from elsewhere (i.e. Ben & Jerrys’)?

    • pat says:

      No they make there own, they have a patented process they use, and it is frozen right in front using liquid nitrogen, any flavor you desire pretty cool!!!

  3. Laura Salvatore says:

    THE best ice cream is handcrafted by Daniela Weiner, pastry chef at Hanna Bistro. It’s beyond wonderful.

  4. bryce says:

    A road trip to the Hill Top Soda Shoppe in Benzonia is a must do. They make all of their own ice cream with non-BGH milk, 16% butterfat, and sweetened with Michigan sugar beet sugar. No disrespect to Moomer’s, but Hill Top’s the best! Also served at the Conundrum Cafe in Elberta.

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