Business IT Gets Footing in Northern Michigan

SafetyNetLogoBy Kevin Bozung, Safety Net Inc.

For major technology companies, Northern Michigan seems to be a forgotten marketplace.  In the last six years, I recall only one occasion where a major technology company came to the area hosting an event to share information about current technology trends and products. So, in 2009 Safety Net began leveraging relationships with our partners such as Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Symantec and Barracuda. Safety Net has been sponsoring lunch-and-learn style events where local IT professionals can listen to presentations from our partners and get one-on-one time with them to get information they need.

Our first event in April was a big success. We brought in Microsoft and Dell EqualLogic to discuss trends and products related to burgeoning Server Virtualization and Storage Area Network technologies. We had over two dozen attendees from all over northern Michigan. We followed that with a Systems Monitoring and then a Network Security event, both also well received by the IT community.

On November 9th, we have Microsoft and Dell EqualLogic coming back for a repeat of our first event. This will be a very informative event for those who missed the first one. We will have presentations from our guest speakers as well as live product demonstrations. New information will be available on technology advancements such as Windows Server 2008 R2, which will be helpful even for those who came in April.

For information about our events, please visit

Listen to Kevin on the Vic McCarty Show for Small Business Focus this Wednesday at 10:30 AM. Safety Net is a business technology consulting firm and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner providing outsourced IT services, advanced computer networking and proven software solutions to small and midsize organizations. The company is based in Traverse City. To learn more, visit

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