Shetlers’ Family Dairy and Agri-tourism

This weeks’s guest on the Vic McCarty Radio Show is Anne Shetler: President of the Kalkaska Chamber of Commerce and Shetler’s Family Dairy

shetler-logo-headerTo continue the animal theme, we’re focusing our discussion this week on Shetlers’ Family Dairy in Kalkaska County. The family owned business produced milk and dairy products for, cows that: “…aren’t on drugs, but they are on grass.” Operated almost entirely by family members, Shelters’ preserves the wholesome goodness of our milk with smaller production runs that are distributed to a select group of 30 stores in the Grand Traverse Region.

All of Shelters’ milk products come from the cows that they raise and graze, and are guaranteed to be free of any and all hormones and antibiotics. With the focus lately on knowing what’s in one’s food and where that food comes from, and newly added dairy products, the Shetlers have positioned themselves for future growth in the expanding agri-tourism sector of our economy..

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